Nathan Weber's practice is a balance of patent portfolio development and counseling in a wide range of technologies.  The counseling is largely related to Mr. Weber’s involvement in acquisition side due diligence and the related new product clearance investigations often culminating in the preparation of detailed opinions of counsel. On the patent portfolio strategic development, Mr. Weber manages the development of a number of portfolios for entities ranging from key businesses of multinational corporations, to small companies seeking to protect a single important product, to start-ups looking to secure an initial foothold in the intellectual property world making them more attractive to investment and acquisition.  Successful strategic portfolio development requires intimate knowledge of a client’s business goals, and the client’s trust that their best interests are being considered every day.


St. John’s University School of Law

United States Merchant Marine Academy - Marine Engineering Systems


All state courts for the State of New York
The United States District Courts for the Eastern District of New York
The United States District Courts for the Southern District of New York
The United States Patent and Trademark Office

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